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Finding the perfect property for a home or retreat can sometimes turn into a labor of love. It is easy for the dreams and desires of a family or private owner to quickly become overwhelming and exhausting. We do not like to see this happen and that is why we work hard to make sure that it doesn't. Developing your property should be one of the most exciting investments that you ever make and it is our greatest desire to help you enjoy the development process from beginning to end. We are most satisfied when we are able to bring excitement to you the owner by helping your property dreams become a reality. We know from much experience that enjoying the development process is possible and our clients would agree. In fact, we maintain very good relationships with our clients and many have trusted us to maintain and manage their properties year round. Likewise, it would be our privilege to be able to help you protect and preserve the value of the property that you are invested in.

We have found that the best way to develop a successful project is to assemble the right team for the job. Over the years we have been able to build the right relationships with the right people and this has enabled us to deliver a quality that is unmatched. Whether you are looking to develop over 4000 acres, less than 5 acres or any amount in between, we have the experience and the resources to do the job right. We have many successful relationships with many different contractors whom we have teamed with on many projects large and small. A project that we most recently completed was Devil's Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, CO. Devil's Thumb Ranch was a 5000 acre ranch expansion project that was developed over the span of 8 years. A project of this magnitude requires a very high level of quality, teamwork, communication, and attention to detail.

Since the start of Devil's Thumb we have teamed with many individuals, companies and contractors. Our well established relations with local outfits such as Mountain Parks Electric, Overlook Mine and Mill, Reclamation Ridge, Hahns Peak Enterprise, the Grand County Building Department, the Grand County Fire Department, Honnen Equipment, the Grand County Department of Natural Resources, KC Hamiltion Engineering Inc., Sorenson Engineering Inc., SCG Enterprise Inc., American West Group, Dennis Pilkington, Dan Hahn, Bob Fanch, Rob Cyman, Jim Donahue, Tyler Davis, Ken Evans, and many more, have also brought added value and expertise to all of our projects.
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