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American West

Project Team

 General Contractor: American West Group
725 South Broadway #10
Denver, CO 80209 
For the past two decades American West has been building homes, and building relationships.

Whether it is a magnificent custom home in the mountains or a semi-custom home in Denver, a quality renovation or a large commercial project, American West treats each project with skillfulness, integrity and an eye for quality.

Skillfulness. American West has been building custom homes since 1988. They have assembled the best possible team of architects, designers and engineers to create high-end, high-quality, award-winning homes and commercial projects.

Integrity. Building a home means building a relationship. American West believes in open communication and a strong commitment to each individual. Drawing on their integrity and honesty, American West believes that the final product - and the experience of building it - should exceed expectations.

An eye for quality. Custom homes are among the last handcrafted products in the U.S. The American West team looks at each project with that distinctiveness in mind. Each home is built with expertise and great attention to detail. The result is a unique, beautiful home built with quality that lasts. 
Project Manager: Tyler Davis               
Cell: 303.601.3550
Office: 303.722.7180
Fax: 303.722.9510
 Project Superintendent: Adam Wolff
Cell: 303.945.5854
Office: 303.722.7180
Fax: 303.722.9510
Ranch Development and Management: Delong Inc,
Developing your property should be one of the most exciting investments that you ever make and it is our greatest desire to help you enjoy the development process from beginning to end. We are most satisfied when we are able to bring excitement to you the owner by helping your property dreams become a reality. We know from much experience that enjoying the development process is possible and our clients would agree. In fact, we maintain very good relationships with our clients and many have trusted us to maintain and manage their properties year around. Likewise, it would be our privilege to be able to help you protect and preserve the value of the property that you are invested in.
Cell: 970.531.1948
Office: 970.887.2628
Architect: DHR Architecture
3200 Cherry Creek South Dr. #410
Denver, CO 80209

Dedicated to the idea that a quiet, elegant and romantic architecture could improve the lives of their clients, D. H. Ruggles & Associates has designed over 700 residential and commercial projects since opening offices in Denver, Colorado in 1970. The firm’s work, in fifteen states and five countries, has earned a reputation for innovative design and high quality construction within exacting constraints of budget and schedule.

Office: 303-355-2460
Fax: 303-355-2546
Structural Engineer: KL & A Inc.
3457 Ringsby Court, Unit 212
Denver, CO 80216
KL&A is a Colorado-based company of structural designers, steel detailers and builders.  We aim to revolutionize the way structures are designed and built by rethinking the traditional structural design process.  We are, first and foremost, structural engineers, but we are also construction managers, detailers, builders, artists, craftsmen, and collaborators.
Office: 303-384-9910
Fax: 303-531-6857
Electrical Engineer: Architectural Engineering Design Group, Inc.
1900 Wazee Street, Suite 255
Denver, Colorado 80202
Architectural Engineering Design Group, Inc. (AEDG) was founded on the basis of providing architectural engineering services that exceed the expectations of our clients. The core values of the firm’s ownership group are to provide comprehensive, timely, and fluid coordination during a project’s design process. These coordination efforts result in solid construction documents, reports, and recommendations that are clear and concise. AEDG provides more than engineered solutions; we provide a smooth, proactive coordination process along the way. 
Office: 303.296.3034
Fax: 303.296.3035
Mechanical Engineer: Rader Engineering, Inc.
40690 Highway 6, Suite E1
P.O. Box 8610 Avon, CO 81620
Our mission is to provide creative and cost effective engineering solutions that create comfortable environments for our clients, while utilizing energy efficient technology that will help to conserve the earth's natural resources for future generations.
Office: 970.845.7910
Fax: 970.845.7522
Designer: Mandil Inc.
846 Elati Street
Denver, CO 80204

While design is our business and color our favorite tool, we at Mandil Inc. see room layouts, color palettes, and smart interiors as a means to an end.

You see, design and color are our way of fulfilling your ultimate objectives.

Whether our focus is architecture, color, strategic branding or interior design, the Mandil team views each discipline as an inseparable part of the whole. We work hard to craft personalized solutions, with results you can afford. And our business clients appreciate the increased profitability we catalyze—a quiet but critical competitive differentiator.

Think inspiration. Singularity. Daring. Sophistication. And more.

In the end, Mandil Inc.’s approach is all about leveraging our talents and proven systems to impact your lives and the world in a substantial way. Design is merely the road that takes us there.

Office: (303) 892-5805

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