- All Excavation

- Project Consultation

- Jobsite Safety

- Pasture Management

- Forest Management

- Waste Water Treatment

- Geothermal/Solar

- Domestic Water Supply

- Foundations

- Lake/Pond Management

- Ranch Irrigation

- Pine Beetle Mitigation

- On-Site Property Resources

- Road Building

- Utility Infrastructure

- Fencing

- Wildlife Habitat Preservation

- Land Cleanup

- Reclamation

- Fire Mitigation

- Construction

- Demolition

- Snow Removal

- Landscaping

- Brush Burning

- Welding

- Fabrication

- Fiber Optic Cable
Contact Information
Tim Delong
Cell: 970.531.1948
Tim Delong is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and maintains an OSHA Certification. Delong Inc bas been accident free since the start of business in 2001
At the end of the day relationships become the key to success in construction management services. We can hope to create a relationship with you and your family that will endure long after the completion of your project We look forward to hearing from you.
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